Guide - Cisco CCNA certification. How to pass Cisco CCNA exam in 3 easy steps.

Start Sole proprietorship in India with current bank account. How do I start and register sole proprietorship for my online or offline business in India with a current bank account in my firm's name.

How to store images in Postgres using Php and Apache using BLOBs. There are many "How to store an image in Mysql" tutorials but hardly any good tutorials for postgres. So i decided to write one.

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Find your computer's Ip address, mac address of the first active LAN card, computer name and username, it also includes the Visual Studio 2003 VB.Net source code.
Easy to use, light-weight text editor developed using C and Gtk. Basic functions like cut, copy, paste, find, replace with source code.
Visual does not include an easy way to create XP style buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes and progress bars. This tutorial will teach you how to add an application manifest file which will change the appearance of controls in your application.
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