Importing Database comments into Disqus

How to import your existing mysql, postgres, wordpress database comments into Disqus using the generic WXR XML format.

Sybase ASE, PHP Connectivity

How to connect PHP, apache with a Sybase ASE database server using FreeTDS or Sybase TDS protocol.

Port forwarding Utstarcom UT300R2U.


How to forward ports on Utstarcom UT300R2U Adsl modem/router. The latest version of this modem contains a new stripped down firmware with no virtual ports but that does not mean you cannot forward your ports. Follow this tutorial and use each and every drop of bandwidth of your connection.

Review - Buffalo Usb flash Drive.


Your quest for a 2 Gb Usb flash drive ends here. Buffalo 2Gb High Speed Usb flash drive is one of the fastest flash drives out there. You will not be disappointed.

Guide - Cisco CCNA certification.

How to pass Cisco CCNA exam in 3 easy steps.

Images - Asus P5B MX Wifi.


Asus P5B MX Wifi is a great stable low end motherboard. PCI-e 16x, Onboard Gpu, 5.1 Sound with wifi access point. Valuable Intel uATX solution with wireless onboard and the latest Intel GMA 3000 performance. Why buy wireless AP off the shelf when you can have it on the board?

Connecting Java with a Sybase Database using JDBC.


This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to establish a connection from your Java programs to a Sybase database using JConnect.

How to store images in Postgres using Php and Apache using BLOBs.

There are many "How to store an image in Mysql" tutorials but hardly any good tutorials for postgres.
So i decided to write one.

Install Php, Apache and Postgres.

This article gives a step by step guide on how you can install and configure PHP to work together with the Apache HTTP Server and Postgres database on Linux.

Start Sole proprietorship in India with current bank account.

How do I start and register sole proprietorship for my online or offline business in India with a current bank account in my firm's name.




Example CSH, TCSH Shell and Aliases File. The common .tcshrc file can be used for customizing both CSH and TCSH Shell environment.

Gtk text editor


Easy to use, light-weight text editor developed using C and Gtk. Basic functions like cut, copy, paste, find, replace with source code.

Xp visual style in


Visual does not include an easy way to create XP style buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes and progress bars. This tutorial will teach you how to add an application manifest file which will change the appearance of controls in your application.

Get Ip


Find your computer's Ip address, mac address of the first active LAN card, computer name and username, it also includes the Visual Studio 2003 VB.Net source code.