How to pass Cisco CCNA exam in 3 easy steps.

Published - Jul 08/2007
Last Updated - Nov 06/2011
Author - Sumedh

Step 1 - Read Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide.

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide: Exam 640-802 by Todd Lamle is an invaluable training kit. It covers all you need to know in order to become a ccna in a simple easy to understand language. The author assumes that you have basic computer and networking knowledge. After reading this book you will have a strong networking foundation and real world knowledge about computer networks.

The cd contains a ccna test engine with 400+ sample questions, the entire book in pdf, flashcards and CCNA Virtual Lab. Don't forget to check out the publisher's website for a list of corrections.

Note : Cisco CCNA 640-801 Exam has been discontinued instead we now have the CCNA 640-802 Exam which includes wireless networking and IP version 6.

Step 2 - Testking/Actual Test CCNA braindumps.

This is the most important step if you want marks instead of knowledge.  90% of the questions in the exam will come from these dumps. Testking and Actual Test are the two most popular ccna brain dumps. There is practically no difference between the two as most of the questions are identical.

What the hell is a braindump??? They are a list of questions and answers from an actual certification exam. People steal the exam questions, sell them and they end up in a braindump.

Braindumps allow people, who are not qualified to become certified. They devalue certifications. If you have gone through the whole study guide and understood each and every concept, practiced them on a router or router simulator( explained later ) you don't need the dumps, TRUST ME.

Just remember that braindumps will help you in theory questions but not in simlation questions.

Step 3 - Network Simulation Software.

If you have no access to a real router then a network simulator is the next best thing. It is a software which simulates a router, switch, computer network, isdn etc. You will feel that you are working on a real router. You can design and create your own networks in it. The simulator will help you in preparing for exams like CCNA and CCNP. Do the hands on exercises given in the study guide over and over again until they feel natural to you.

You can pass the exam without any hands-on experience over a router but if you cannot solve any one simulation or simlet question, you will fail. The braindumps will not help you here. Most of the simulation questions are on OSPF, VLAN/VTP or NAT.

If you're serious about passing the CCNA exam, you need hands-on experience with routers and switches. Boson Netsim is great network simulator software but its very expensive, a more affordable alternative is CCNA Virtual Lab, Titanium Edition . It's a great product to practice your skills on a virtual network. You can work on pre-designed networks or create your own labs based on the questions given in the study guide.

Remember simulation questions are the most difficult questions in the whole test.

CCNA exam tips.

If you have never taken a Cisco exam before then please watch the certification exam tutorial. You have to be comfortable with all types of questions specially the testlet, simlet and simulation questions.

If you want to locate a test center near your place, check out The test center needs copies of two photo identification documents like your passport, driving license, company ID or your college ID. The cost of the exam is 150$. However, this may vary. Local taxes are extra. Confirm the price with the vendor. If you fail in the exam, you don't get a refund.

There is no Previous/Back button in the test. Read every line, every word of the question carefully before answering it. Think twice before you press Next. The test center will give you couple of rough sheets, you may need it for subnetting problems. The ccna test contains 55 to 65 questions, you need at least 849 marks out of 1000 to pass this exam. You will get the result immediately after you finish the exam.

If you pass the CCNA exam ( im sure you will because you read this guide) you will get the certificate from cisco in 6 to 8 weeks. CCNA certification is valid for three years.

All The Best.

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