Text Editor using Gtk and C

It is a easy to use, light-weight text editor. It supports most of the common features found in other
Gui based text editors. Its not a notepad replacement. Download the source code to see how gtk text editor works.


- File Open, Save, Save As.
- Cut, Copy and Paste
- Select All
- Find and Replace
- Help and About.

Gtk widgets

Vbox, Hbox
Accel group
Item factory
Text View
Text Buffer
File Selection
Message Dialog

System Requirements

A Unix-based operating system with X Windows.
Latest version of Gtk. If you do not have Gtk, get it from
To compile the text editor from source, you will need an Ansi C compiler.

Text editor source code - 8.16 Kb
download gtk text editor source code


Gtk editor code                      gtk source code example

Copyright 2002 - 11 Sumedh K