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Net4india Lite - Net4india windows connector written in VB.Net.

Uses less ram compared to the official connector.

You can change the dns server as well as the mac address.
Username and password is stored in the Windows folder.

Does not open an ad page every time it connects.

Net4india Lite is very small (only 60Kb).

It doesn't need any installation, so you can run it as soon as you've downloaded it.

Bug - Does not notify you if the server disconnected your connection. I will solve it when i have some free time.

Net4india Linux connector - Python source code of Net4india Linux connector.
Works on Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu. It should work on other linux distros also.

Net4india Lite Source Code - Download Vb.Net source code of Net4india Lite.
net4india connector