Grenadier fish

Giant grenadier

Grenadiers or rattails are generally large, brown to black gadiform marine fish of the family Macrouridae. This species is usually found living just above the bottom of the ocean. Its length is up to 2.1 m. They swim slowly over the sea bed searching for live prey, as well as carcasses to eat.



The common name oarfish is presumably in reference to either their highly compressed and elongated bodies or the shape and use of their pelvic fins. The occasional beachings of oarfish after storms, and their habit of lingering at the surface when sick or dying, have given oarfish a place in maritime folklore as the probable source of many sea serpent tales.

Greenland sleeper shark

Greenland Sleeper Shark

The size of the Greenland shark is impressive; it is so large, in fact, that its record is comparable to (and may exceed) that of the great white shark. Greenland sharks are deep-water sharks, living at depths up to 2,000 m (1.24 mi). This shark frequently has a relationship with a parasitic copepod, that attaches itself to the cornea of the eye and feeds on the shark's corneal tissue.

Megamouth  Megamouth Shark

Megamouth Shark

The megamouth shark is a filter feeder, and swims with its enormous mouth wide open, filtering water for plankton and jellyfish. Megamouth has luminous organs that give off a glow around its lips. Scientists think this may be to tempt tiny creatures, such as plankton or fish into its mouth. Megamouths are very large sharks, with the largest specimen to date reaching 4.8 m (16 ft) and 1 tonne (2,205 lb).

Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark

The most distinctive characteristic of the goblin shark is the unorthodox shape of its head. Up to 25% of the goblin shark's body weight can be its liver. It is currently not understood why the shark has such a large liver. In 2003, more than a hundred goblin sharks were caught off the northwest coast of Taiwan, an area in which they have previously not been found. Reportedly, the sharks were caught a short time after an earthquake occurred in the area.

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