Buffalo 2 GB Usb Flash Drive

Published - Aug 30/2007
Last Updated - Apr 10/2008
Author - Sumedh


Buffalo believes in minimalist packaging because they dont even provide a manual or a cd with the usb drive. Buffalo provides a software called TurboUSB which when enabled on the flash drive increases the data transfer rates upto 16%. Another software called Buffalo Secure Lock Ware is used to encrypt your data. These softwares have to be downloaded from


For synthetic benchmark, I used ATTO Disk Benchmarking software and FC-Test, DiskBench for some real life scenarios.

Buffalo usb drive atto benchmark
Atto Disk

FC Test lets you create various file(s) of different sizes rangin from few KBs to GBs. It then copies these files to the test drive and logs the time taken. Similarly it reads these files and logs the time taken.

I created a folder with multiple files of different sizes on my hard disk using FC Test, the size of the folder was 575 MB. FC Test then copied that folder to the pen drive. I ran this test four times.

Buffalo usb drive FC-Test benchmark

Average time taken - 46.710 s

Note - TurboUSB was disabled for the above test.


When you enable TurboUSB on this pen drive it increases the performance by optimizing data transfer.

Buffalo usb drive FC-Test benchmark

Average time taken - 34.114 s

Average time taken with TurboUSB disabled - 46.710 s.

So TurboUSB reduced the time taken to copy 575 MB by 12.596 s. TurboUSB is not a marketting gimmick, it really works, although the GUI will bring back memories of Windows 98.


For the second real world benchmark, I used Diskbench. You have to select a source file and the destination. It copies the file to the destination and records the time as well as the transer speed.

Buffalo high speed flash drive

To copy a 700 Mb movie file it took only 28 seconds, if that is not impressive, I don't know what is.


Buffalo high speed usb drive

Buffalo pen drive

Buffalo pen drive


The drive has a two year warranty. I got it for 925 Rs. which i think is money well spent. So forget about sandisk, kingston and transcend flash drives get this instead. You can get other pen drives for 700 - 800 Rs. but ask youself, do you really want to wait 10 minutes to copy a 700 MB dvd rip when you can do the same with a buffalo flash drive in less than 30 seconds.

Buffalo RUF2-E2G-K (2GB)