Get Apple Mac Os X look on your linux system with kde

Summary - How to get Apple Mac Os X look on your linux system with kde.
Published - Oct 24/2005
Last Updated - Oct 24/2005
Author - Sumedh
Note - This tutorial assumes that you know how to compile and install a program from its source code.


Default installation of Kde on any Linux system whether its Suse, Fedora or mandrake is dull and very boring.
With a cool wallpaper, some window decoration and a great icon package will make your linux system look
just like Mac Os X. Now you will never have to say that Linux is ugly.

Note - I'm using Suse 9.3 with Kde 3.4 but the steps given here will work on any linux machine with Kde.

A default installation of a Linux operating system looks like Fig 1.

Suse Linux Kde

Fig 1

After the tutorial your linux desktop will look like Mac Os X clone shown in Fig 2.

Mac Os X Clone

Fig 2

Left Arrow Step 1 - Download Baghira.

Compile and run it.
To change the window decoration go to Control Center -> Appearance & Themes ->
Window Decorations.  Select Baghira and from the drop down list. There are many options for you to play with.

Left Arrow Step 2 - Hide Sidebar tabs.

Open "konquerorsidebartng.rc" file located in  "~/.kde/share/config/"  folder  with a text editor like Kwrite, Kate or Emacs.

Set  'Hidetabs'  option and also  'Hidetabs'  option under [Filemanagement] section to true.
Note - If you can't see the file, select 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'  in Konqueror.

Left Arrow Step 3 - Download Max Os X icons.

Run the build script to get the icon set. After running the script you will get the OS-L.tar.gz file. It will take some
time to build the icon set depending on the speed of your computer.

Note - If you get an error like 'convert' program not found then install a program called ImageMagick from your
Suse installation cd or download it from here

After you build the Mac Os X icon set, go to Control Center --> Appearance & Themes --> Icons. Click on install new themes and add the OS-Ltar.gz file. This may take some time if you have a slow computer.

If you want to change the size of the icons click on advanced. Click on Apply to save your settings.

Left Arrow Step - 4 Download KXDocker.

Get the source code or the rpm file. I prefer the rpm file. Install the rpm.

Note - If you get any file missing errors, search for those filenames in google and download them.

Left Arrow Step 5 - (Optional) Download Mac Os X fonts.

Download Lucida Grande and AppleGaramond from

Note - Its illegal to download these fonts, so the link may not work in the future. Use google to get the fonts if the
above link does not work.

Go to Control Center --> System Administration --> Font Installer. Click on add font and select the font file.

That's it. If you followed each and every step your desktop will look like Fig 2. Although the Fig 2 is not the
perfect Mac Os X clone, you can play with Baghira to get the perfect clone.

If you have any queries, suggestions or comments please email me at contact[at]

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